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Winter Check

Q: With today’s newer cars, do you think it is still necessary to have a mechanic check over the car before winter?


A: YES - There are still items under the hood that require visual inspection; that is something the monitoring systems of the car are not able to do for you. With the approaching colder weather, rubber components like belts and hoses are vulnerable to deterioration. Radiator and heater hoses, which circulate hot pressurized antifreeze/coolant throughout the engine, are also subjected to extreme under hood temperatures. The drive belts are driven by an engine pulley to power accessories such as the alternator or air conditioning. When a belt fails, one or all of the accessories may be disabled.  

We also suggest having the coolant system flushed. This is a service that should be done every 36 months, as this will help preserve the important parts of your car like the water pump and radiator.  

These are just some of the many components and systems that we recommend you have checked before each extreme weather change.

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