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Replacing fuel filter

Q: I went to have my car serviced last week, and the technician told me I need to have the fuel filter replaced. I think this is one more part they want to sell me so they can make more money.  Is it really necessary to replace the fuel filter? What purpose does it serve?

A: A clogged fuel filter will strain your fuel pump and interrupt the smooth flow of fuel into your fuel injectors, causing them to perform less efficiently. You won’t notice a dirty fuel filter on newer cars in the same way you would have in an old carbureted car, because modern flow sensors and other electronics will still allow the car to function. While the car might run only slightly rougher, with a dirty, clogged fuel filter, all-out performance and efficiency of your car will suffer greatly. And no, occasionally using a bottle of fuel injector cleaner does not excuse you from having the fuel filter changed once every couple of years.

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