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Ethanol in gas

Q: Now that the gas stations are telling us if they have ethanol in their gas, I don't know where to buy my gas.  Is the ethanol really bad for my car?  

A: This is the new big question in the state of Oklahoma.  As of July 1, 2008, all gas stations had to post how much if any ethanol they are adding to their tanks.  Most states have had this practice, and most were already posting the amounts on the tanks.  Some newer vehicles are made to run on the fuel mixture.  But, not all vehicles are intended to run on gasoline/ethanol mixture.

We have seen problems with vehicles that have been running on the fuel mixtures.  These problems are things such as:  performance problems, running poorly, fuel pump failure, check engine lights coming on and catalytic converter failure.  All of these items can be affected when the ethanol in the fuel runs through the working items on the vehicle.


Putting real gasoline in your tank will make a difference in your engine performance and also in your fuel mileage.  You will likely gain 2-3 miles per gallon when you burn real gasoline.  After several of our customers came to us with concerns about their vehicles, we suggested they switch to real gasoline for a few tanks.  They reported back to us they were able to eliminate most of their complaints and had power restored to their vehicles.


Most gas stations that have real gasoline will likely have it posted out front.  It is a little difficult to find, and you might have to pay a few cents more per gallon, but if you compare that to the cost of some of those repairs, it really seems like a bargain.

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