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AC isn’t cold

Q: HELP!  My AC isn’t cold.

A: At this time of the year, all of us want COLD air.  One complaint is not enough air blowing.  Several newer model cars are equipped with a cabin air filter.  This is different than the regular air filter in you car.  The cabin air filter works like your home AC filter.  Its purpose is to filter air before it reaches the interior of the car.  Often we pull these filters out and find them full of leaves, dirt or grass.  Most car owners don’t even realize they have these filters or that they need changed at least every spring.  If they are full of debris, it can restrict the direct flow of air.

Hopefully, the lack of cold air is caused by your car being low on freon, or R134a.  The newer cars that are equipped to take R134a have precise measurements on how much is required for the AC system.  Most of the time, it is measured to the ounce.  We always recommend using an automotive facility for this service because of the equipment necessary to make these precise measurements.  Sometimes, even overcharging the system can cause the AC to not blow cold air.  At the auto facility, while having the AC system charged with freon, they should add AC oil and possibly AC dye.  This way, if there is some type of leak in the system, the dye will show the technician where there might be a leak and what repairs might be required.

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